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Welcome to Rejuve Clinic, your ultimate destination for achieving your personal beauty goals. We understand the needs of Malaysians like you, and our dedicated team is here to provide you with expert and comfortable services that utilize the latest technologies. Our mission is to help you look  and feel your absolute best.

Experience the magic of Rejuve Clinic as we bring out your natural beauty potential, allowing you to embrace your unique charm and feel confident in your own skin. Join us on this exciting journey and discover a world where your true beauty shines bright.

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Welcome to ReJuve Clinic, where we believe that the process of making somebody young again rejuvenation is not just a possibility, it’s a reality. Our clinic is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their desired health and beauty goals through a variety of non-surgical and minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments.

Start your journey towards a more youthful, radiant from within WITH US!

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Receive exceptional care from our dedicated team.


Rest easy knowing we provides only authentic, high-quality products and treatment service.

Comfortable & Relaxing Space

Feel confident and at ease while undergoing any treatments.


Your unique needs and goals are at the heart of our personalized treatments.


Jovelyn Arca
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I was been here this beauty salon and it was good experienced from the staff up to the service.And they never forced me to buy their products. All in all is good experienced and was looking forward to my next appointment.
Mi Mi
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Saya dapatkan rawatan anti-aging estetik tanpa jarum untuk hilangkan dan juga full body whitening di sini. Servis bagus dan konsultasi jelas dan teliti.
Ha Ha
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环境完美又舒适,美容师学法专业,不强推产 品,根据个人的皮肤状态推荐最适合的配 套,是一次很好的体验下次还会再来。
Su Chin
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之前在别边打过prp很痛,所以都不太敢再打。今天看到这边有promotion心血来潮想试试,如果没记错是 Dr Margaret操作,居然没有我想象中的痛! 而且 dr 很温柔的跟我聊天,过程中很轻松的就完成了疗程。真心推荐有任何皮肤问题的人都可以过来这边给医生看看👍🏻
Jacq Teh
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Friendly staff and patient Doctor with her gentle good skill.
Karr yie Chong
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Nice ambiance with a comfort feeling which makes a perfect environment for relaxation and pampering. Generally all the therapists seems to be friendly and they gave a good service too. Had my 1st session of the RED light full body treatment, all the procedures were explained thoroughly with its benefits. I am going there again next two weeks for my next session, and will look forward for a beautiful and relaxation day at Mia Aesthetic.
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Highly recommended for their services, Dr is knowledgeable and staff are friendly and kind. I have been here for facial treatment as well as IV whitening drip. Thank you for taking care of our skin concerns and beauty.
Mazia wheng d.c.
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I give 10 stars.. Great experience ever.. Great service.. Nice ambience.. Come and visit.. Its truly relaxing... Its time to love urself 😍wat r u waiting for...❤️
Bernice Low
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Its very good service here and the most important thing that they are not pushy, they will suggest you and ask you to consider about it, but they wont push. Super good and affordable price. Would 10/10 recommend here.❤️
Chloe Wong
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Had my first treatment of Pico Skin Rejuvenation and GTG facial. Great experience and highly recommend for their services. Dr. provide detail consultation and recommend suitable treatment according to skin condition. Will definitely recommend to friends! =D
Phyllis Foong
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Services: CoolSculpting treatments, Sculptra treatments
Dr Margaret is super friendly and very knowledgeable on skin. Will definitely recommend her to friends.

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