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What is Mesolipolysis?

Mesolipolysis is a procedure that involves injection used to remove unwanted fat from the body. This method reduces fat and makes the skin more elastic and cellulite-free. This is a non-surgica procedure and hence it is less painful, less expensive, and less invasive than liposuction.

Benefits of Mesolipolysis:

Fat Reduction:

Mesolipolysis helps reduce fat deposits in targeted areas.


It’s a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime.

Improved Body Contouring:

Enhances the appearance of specific body areas.

Quick Recovery:

Patients can return to their routine quickly.


Tailored to address individual problem areas.

Mesolipolysis Treatment Indicator

In general, a series of 4-6 sessions are recommended for significant improvement. The treatment is quick and tolerable. Possible side effects such as soreness, swelling and bruising will subside within a short time frame.

Double Chin


Love Handle

Under Arms

Outer Thighs

Inner Thighs

Injection Lipolysis

The use of mesotherapy as a method of weight loss and body contouring is rapidly gaining popularity in the West, especially in Europe. It has been proven as an extremely effective means of treating localized fat deposits such as lipomas and xanthelasma as well as for fat reduction of the thighs, flanks, abdomen and arms.

Mesolipolysis Before & After


No Downtime


30-45 Minutes



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